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While Random Finds: Change of heart already glanced at Continental-Kunstfilm-Gesellschaft (in this article abbreviated as CF) regarding their administrative tasks this short interlude will shed some light on a rather creative or not so creative mode of operation.

CF produced well over 100 films of which the majority were made between 1912 and 1915.1 That amounted to an average production output exceeding 30 films a year or two to three productions per month. To maintain that level of output a lot of scripts had be produced and even more ideas spun.

Advertisement by CF.2

Wir haben Verwendung für gute Entwürfe und Ideen, welche kinematographisch zu verwenden sind. Angebote sind schriftlich zu richten an Continental Kunstfilm G.m.b.H., Berlin SW. 48, Friedrichstr. 235.

Shortly after their establishment on February 5, 1912,3 the company published an advertisement in the Berliner Börsen-Zeitung to attract potential writers and creative minds to propose ideas and drafts for films. Any offers had to be proposed in written form to the company‘s address in Berlin.


Reaching to the public for potential ideas and scripts appears to be a risk free move for a production company like CF. While they could receive input with no strings attached, the material could be reviewed without pressure and the writers only needed to be compensated for an idea or script once it was deemed suitable for production.


The image used is licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0 as stated by the provider Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek.


The Newspaper can be accessed on the Deutsches Zeitungsportal.

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