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  • Index of “Kino-Bibliothek” publications

    List of publications that were published under the Kino-Bibliothek label by the Filmtext-Verlag, Berlin. no. title author year film producer bib. 1 Liebe wandelt eigene Bahnen Oskar Klaußmann  1913 Eclipse 2 Ewige Zeugen Franz Moor 1913 Gaumont 3 Eines Mannes Opfer  Chr. Lauchstädter 1913 Roma Film 4 Ein […]

  • A peek inside: Bei „Onkel Martin“!

    Doing research in trade journals I once came across an article featuring photos of the premises of a distributor. Before that I actually knew almost nothing about distributors apart from the obvious historic legacy like ads, texts and promotional material that usually revolves around the films rather than people and the space behind it. Therefore…